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The collectors cabinet will be the first of a series showcasing extraordinary objects in private collections with captions written in the words of the collectors. The exhibition features a two-faced kitten by Victorian taxidermist Walter Potter (collection of Carol Holzner); an anthropomorphic taxidermy tableau once exhibited at Cress Funeral Home from the collection of Mike Zohn of TV’s Oddities; an exploded (or “Beauchene”) human skeleton prepared by Ryan Cohn (TV’s Oddities);” Original Weimar erotica belonging to Mel Gordon, author of Voluptuous Panic; a Victorian scrap book filled with human hair from ephemera collector David Freund; a pre-1800 wax memento mori figurine depicting a decaying corpse crawling with vermin from the collection of Evan Michelson (Oddities); A pair of rare Rowland Ward zoomorphic candlesticks from an anonymous collection; A copy of Physica Sacra which once belonged to an 18th century prime minister of Denmark from the collection of Morbid Anatomy Board Chair Tracy Hurly Martin; a human tattoo in a jar from Daniel and Sommer Santoro of Black Gold; Spirit photos from Brandon Hodge of Mysterious Planchette and a 19th century phrenological death mask from The Morbid Anatomy Museum permanent collection; 19th century ceramic danse macabre figurines from “Collector of Death” Richard Harris; and much more!

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