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Evolution – Health Connection includes: Why is there an ‰obesity epidemic‰? Explore how our evolutionary history causes us to crave sweets and fatty foods. Watch a 2-minute video on The Evolutionary Roots of Obesity, and compare your favorite irresistible sweet or fatty food with those of other visitors.

Why do so many people have trouble digesting milk? Find out how genes play a role in whether you can digest dairy products. Watch a 3-minute video, The Roots of Lactose Intolerance, and discover how lactose tolerance arose due to the rise of animal husbandry and find out the percentage of lactose tolerance in populations around the world.

Learn how walking on two legs instead of four had great advantages for early humans, but also comes with costs to our health as we get older.

Why is giving birth so difficult? ‰Discover how human evolution has resulted in mismatches between a baby‰’s head size and the size of the mother‰’s pelvic opening, leading to uncomfortable births and immature infants.

Where did your ancestor‰’s skin color evolve? ‰Find out about melanin, the dark skin-color pigment that regulates how much UV light gets into our skin. Using a skin color reader, find out where your ancestors may have come from.

Explore the role of evolution and natural selection in health, illness and prevention. Over 6 million years, humans have evolved. The ways in which we evolved promoted our survival and reproduction, but not always our good health as our lifestyle changed over many, many years.

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