Hellboy Head Prototype, 2004




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Prototype of a head for an action figured based on the character Hellboy as he appears in the film Hellboy. The hand-painted resin model has a pair of chopped horns mounted above the brow, yellow eyes, and a closed mouth. The majority of the head is painted red and the hair is painted black, with a few illegible silver markings behind the horns. There is a concave socket with black markings on the base of the head where it is intended to be connected with the action figure’s neck.This prototype represents the third stage in the Mezco Toyz action figure design process. After a prototype is sculpted from wax and/or clay, a mold is made of it, from which a resin prototype is cast. This resin model, called the ‘paint master,’ is then hand painted to look like the finished product. The paint master is used as a reference for the toy manufacturer.

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