Plants and Fungi: Ten Current Research Stories




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There’s a lot more to The New York Botanical Garden than its beauty. Take a peek at some of the mysteries of the plant world that are being unraveled by our scientists. Since the 1890s, scientists at the Garden have traveled far and wide to better understand plants and fungi, their relationship to their environments, and their many uses by people around the world. Now you can get a glimpse of their valuable work via this exhibition. Photographs, diagrams, unusual plant specimens, artifacts from explorations in remote locales, and audio/visual presentations bring to life 10 of their current research projects, from the study of mosses and lichens to Brazil nuts and vanilla orchids. Get a look at how they use modern tools such as DNA fingerprinting as well as classic techniques of plant exploration, and how they’re studying topics like genetic diversity in rice and a nerve toxin in cycads that may provide insight into Alzheimer’s disease.

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