Meet Our Summer Interns – Nico

10489774_10152530991451410_331659861389370779_nHello Everyone!

My name is Nico Bautista, I graduated from SUNY Albany in 2015 with a B.A. in Communications. I was born in  Queens New York, grew up in Connecticut, and moved back to New York for college and my future career. A lot of my friends love to describe me as caring, selfless, and very chill! I like to live an active lifestyle of exercising at the gym as well as having a good time out in the city during the weekends.

As a kid I always took in interest in history and loved reading about famous battles and clashes which in turn caught my attention to the military. My dream in life is to have an exciting career like be a helicopter pilot for the Army. However I also believe in being well rounded and want to take a shot at working with people which is why I currently chose to work as a Public Relations intern for Uzeeum. I enjoy connecting and communicating with all sorts of individuals which is why it would be no surprise that I would live in Queens; The most diverse place in the world! It also helps that I decided to study Communications in order to help with my shyness being around people. I believe that the world is constantly coming closer and closer together with the help of Social Media and I hope to find a career that can help me be part of this constant change; if being a helicopter pilot doesn’t work out.

As far as additional interests go, my favorite food is spaghetti! Especially when it’s cooked sweet and tangy Filipino style. I’m not much of a reader, but the last book I remember enjoying was The Catcher in the Rye. My secret tourist trap crush would be Brazil. It just seems like everything there is beautiful, the beaches, the landscape and especially the people! My most favorite museum I’ve been to was definitely the Intrepid. No surprise there when I talked about being a pilot! As for where can I see myself in 5 years? If I’m not flying a helicopter for the Army, hopefully either continuing my studies in grad school or working administration somewhere in PR or Healthcare.


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