New Fall Intern: Katie


Hello, Uzeeum Visitors!

My name is Katie DeFonzo and I am thrilled to be working as an intern for Uzeeum during the Fall 2016 Semester!

I’ve lived in Valley Forge, Pennsylvania for most of my life, but with most of my family hailing from New Jersey, New York City has never seemed too far away. After starting at Fordham, I was excited to explore new parts of the city and amazed at the history I was able to see all around me. No need to go to Times Square…Edgar Allan Poe lived just down the street! As I become increasingly excited to study abroad in Granada, Spain in the Spring, I can’t help but think about how the histories of both Granada and NYC have been shaped by so many peoples and cultures. How lucky I feel to be able to study in that kind of place!

Many people ask me what I am going to do with a History Major, and I don’t consider it a bad thing that I’m not entirely sure yet. Whether I choose to teach or work in a museum, only time will tell. But either way, I hope to always be sharing my knowledge with others while still learning myself. As a member of the Fordham Honors Program, I’ve realized that there are few questions with simple answers. I hope that my work at Uzeeum will encourage museum adventurers to question everything and come to their own unique conclusions, because museums really can connect us with those around us and with those who have come before us.

Age: 20

Hometown: Valley Forge, PA

College: Fordham University, Rose Hill Campus

Major: History and Spanish Studies

Food that Makes Me Deliriously Happy: Cheesecake

Last Book I Read: The Invention of Wings by Sue Monk Kidd

Show I Binge Watch: Friends and Gilmore Girls

Secret Tourist Trap Crush: Disney World

In Five Years I Will Be… Hopefully Giving You a Tour of an NYC Museum!

Favorite Museum: The Cloisters

New Museum That You Are Looking Forward to Visiting: Museum of the American Indian

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