Uzeeum 2016 Guest Contributor: Stephanie Farrier aka Steph Styuhls

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WHO:  Steph Styuhls, Radio Show Co-Host, Student, Writer and Model/Actress

By Olivia Mason

BIO: Stephanie Farrier who goes by the stage name of Steph Styuhls is the co-host of radio show/podcast We Only Speak the Joudg. This podcast and digital content channel offers up-and-coming professionals a fresh perspective; with a special focus on providing young women – original, educational, informative, inspirational, entertaining and positive programming. Currently enrolled as a Media student at Brooklyn College, Steph hopes to use her degree, in combination with her radio experience, to get her foot in the door of the writing and entertainment industry. She also has demonstrated talent in acting for film, theatre, modeling, and spoken word.

Message from Steph: We are always looking for new voices to share their stories and viewpoints on our show. We want our audience to be exposed to unique folks who are making statements and challenging the status quo. It’s a great way to keep us all inspired and connected. If you’re interested or know someone who might be, send an email to, we’d love to get to know ya!

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Steph recommends: Being Here… in Memory at MoCADA until 7/10/2016* I am an African-American woman who is on a constant journey to explore the richness of my ancestor’s history.  This exhibit will be using dance to tell the stories of old and takes a unique approach to express the manner in which they are told. Dance has a mystical power of it’s own that speaks volumes without ever having to utter a word. Movement is one of my favorite ways to tell a story, and this is certainly a story worth telling.

O: What is your favorite museum memory?

S: My boyfriend is a super sneaker head and last summer we visited The Rise of Sneaker Culture at the Brooklyn Museum. I thought the exhibit was just going to feature a bunch of sneakers, but I was in for a pleasant surprise.  They took us through the history of footwear, beginning with the first pair of rubber shoes, and had examples of the first women’s high heels on display. It was such an insightful experience.

O: Very cool. What was the last museum you visited? What was the occasion?

S: The Transit Museum. I’ve always wanted to go. It was cool because it was basically a blast from the past. I was able to get on the real-life vintage train models and see the old advertisements.  It’s a first hand look at what used to be “in”. It was also funny that I had accidentally worn the perfect outfit for this museum.  I was wearing an Indiana Jones hat and a long pea-coat. With my attire it looked like I was a part of that time period and I had gone back in time.

Steph recommends: The Reaction GIF at the Museum of the Moving Image until 7/31/2016** We’ve all seen the GIF go from being used for funny posts on Myspace to replacing actual text conversations. I’m guilty as charged, I downloaded a GIF keyboard for when I think a visual could better relay the emotion and context of what I’m trying to say. The museum describes the GIF as a performed language, and as with any performance, perspective always comes into play. It will be interesting to see how different people interpret different images.

O: What’s your favorite NYC experience?

S: My favorite NYC experience is pretty much anything involving live entertainment; ranging from music, to comedy, to theatre. I love when a performance is happening right there in front of me because it’s a moment that you can only capture once.

O: Favorite NYC brunch option?

S: Sons of Essex on the Lower East Side! I work there and I think actually eating there as a guest would be as much fun as working there. When brunch first starts, the DJ kicks off the set with ’90s old school Hip Hop music. As brunch progresses, the music moves into the early 2000s and by the end of brunch we have musically arrived to today’s top hits. Sons of Essex has great food, specifically great lobster dishes, and talented DJs with great vibes for the room.

O: Most romantic NYC recommendation?

S: A picnic at the Brooklyn Heights Promenade

O: What are you currently reading?

S: Hunger Makes Me a Modern Girl by Carrie Brownstein and The Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren.

O: What NYC street food are you most likely to eat?

S: A pretzel with mustard, or a shish kabob with white sauce and hot sauce. Don’t judge!

O: Which museum is on your bucket list?

Steph recommends: The Theatre on Film and Tape Archive at the Library for the Performing Arts, Dorothy and Lewis B. Cullman Center*** Every theatre student has wanted to see themselves on camera at one point or another without the awful drag of enduring the filming process. I’ve never actually seen a recorded live performance of my own. I look forward to seeing how a production made for the stage translates onto the big screen.

S: The Queens Museum. I think it looks pretty interesting. I grew up in Queens.  It’s home to me so I guess I never looked at it as a big cultural destination. But having a legit museum here feels like “Oh, ok! You’re on the map now, people have a reason to come here!” I’m not sure what to expect from it. There are a lot of cultures in Queens that I don’t know a lot about.

O: Which NYC museum do you typically recommend to out-of-towners?

S: The Metropolitan Museum of Art because they always have something going on, at multiple locations! I think it’s the perfect introduction to NYC.

O: What do you collect?

S: Chokers. I love them!

O: Which item might you donate to a museum that best represents your life in NYC?

S: This might sound really weird but I’d probably donate my pair of worn in but still super-trendy metallic Doc Martens. I wear them everywhere and in every season. I think they represent the characteristics of pretty much every New Yorker, always on the go, a little rough around the edges, but with a great sense of style.


Steph recommends the Student Center Art Gallery at Brooklyn College*^* I am definitely going to check this out. I didn’t even know this museum existed and I am on campus almost every day of the week. It will be cool to see what the kids at my school are coming up with. I love the creativity of my classmates. It helps to inspire my own process.

O: Steph, which show do you binge watch?

S: Better Call Saul and The Path

O: Finally, if I were to hand you $5000 for completing this interview, where are you headed to shop?

S: Oh man, that $5000 would go a long way in my hands because I’m headed to every thrift shop. The L train- Vintage in Bushwick; Beacon’s closet, urban jungle etc.

O:  Thanks for chatting with me

S: Anytime! I also want to let your readers know that I will be attending an art and performance showcase on July 23rd – “ENNUI by Zina Anne presents UNITY”.  Zina Anne creates art for the people and serves a network of young minds that desire more and are working to achieve it. I’m truly honored to know the woman behind this movement and I invite any and all to come and check out what kids from my generation have to offer. You can find out more and buy tickets by heading to the website.

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* Courtesy of MoCADA, Image by Alex Escalante

** Copyright Museum of the Moving Image

*** Copyright NYPL

*^* Copyright Brooklyn College

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