2016 Guest Contributors

The Guest Contributor series invites museum lovers with diverse views and perspectives to explore the nearly 10,000 museum exhibits, collections and events on our site and pick their favorites.  We interview our featured guests to learn a little about their backgrounds, special projects and the roles museums have played in their lives.  Click on the pictures below to read their museum recommendations and follow the conversation on social media #MyMuseumMuse.

Isaac Scott

Program Director, The Confined Arts & Arts and Communications Specialist, Center for Justice at Columbia University , NYC

Rachel S. Ropeik

Manager of Public Engagement, Guggenheim Museum, NYC

Monica O. Montgomery

Speaker, Professor, Museum Director & Cultural Entrepreneur, NYC

Steph Styuhls

Radio Show Co-Host, Student, Writer and Model/Actress, NYC

Aarti Virani

Arts and Culture Writer, NYC

Ramon Hervey II

CEO, Hervey & Company, NYC

Neal Stimler

Digital Asset Specialist, Metropolitan Museum of Art, NYC